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Terrorist Attack In Pakistan Mars Easter Celebration

While it didn’t make the mainstream news, a giant terrorist attack brought tragedy to Easter celebrations in Northeast Pakistan in the city of Lahore. While news is still coming out about what exactly happened, it has been confirmed that at least 65 were killed when an explosion rocked a park in an area of Pakistan known for having a Christian population. This terrorist attack has already been claimed by the Taliban.

The area is a very well-known amusement park where many Christians had gathered for Easter celebrations. The large holiday population helps explain why the casualty rate was so high. Aside from the 65 confirmed killed there are also over 300 who are seriously injured. It is suspected that the attack was pulled off by a suicide bomber, however those details still need to be figured out for sure.

Many people aren’t aware that Pakistan has about a 2% Christian population that has lived in complete peace with the majority of their neighbors of other faiths for many decades now. While initial reports of Taliban involvement still need to be confirmed, they are the organization that has claimed responsibility although the has yet to be verified.

A 3 day period of mourning has already been declared by the provincial governor and many have already come out condemning the attacks on their neighbors and friends. Police and security forces have been moved into the area in hopes of not only investigating but also preventing any other attacks that might be aimed at the area and the city’s population.

While the Christian holiday passes, is very important to remember that terrorism strikes countries all throughout the world. While the we can start out celebration on a Sunday morning, unfortunately ended in tragedy for the people of northern Pakistan.

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